Aaron Clinard

Aaron Clinard

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Aaron Clinard – Entertainer

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SHORT BIO | Aaron is from Crystal Lake and has been directly and indirectly involved in both the local music and Karaoke scenes for many years.

He has spent most of his life on stage performing in bars and colleges all over the midwest, both as a solo artist, as well as fronting local rock band Last Affliction. Because of his extensive experience in the music scene, Aaron is well versed in both live and studio equipment. His father introduced him to the karaoke scene on his 21st birthday, and he began working for Delta within 6 months. He is an avid music lover and fan of almost every genre out there, but really specializes in classic rock. Aaron has been running with Delta Disc Jockeys since 2011.

Aaron is a friendly, confident person; at home on stage as well as off of it. He is perfectly comfortable talking to just about anybody and is always ready for a show.


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