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Nick Warren – Entertainer

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SHORT BIO | After Graduating from Hononegah, I received a certificate in automotive technology. I also played bass and sang at venues and bars in the area. I ran sound systems and learned the skills to be a live sound engineer.

I began working on an associates degree from Rock Valley College, and began my study of music education. During this time I was introduced to JD Mason and began my Dj career.

After receiving an Associates in Arts I went through a vocal audition, and was accepted into the music education program at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater. I graduated with a bachelors degree in Music education. I studied music history, theory, performance and pedagogy. I participated in a variety of music ensembles including  jazz band, orchestra, choir, and took lessons in voice and string bass.  My main focus was on teaching choir, voice and general music.

After graduation, I worked a full time job in Wisconsin teaching middle school choir and elementary music, and worked as a Dj and karaoke host on the weekends. I decided to take a part time elementary music teaching position and to Dj more often.

I have worked a wide range of events during my time at Delta including:

• Graduation Parties
• Birthday Celebrations
• Weddings
• School Dances
• Retirement Parties
• Anniversaries
• Pool Parties
• Karaoke Parties
• Weekly Karaoke Shows
• Video and Dj at Venues

I have the experience and professionalism to make your event a successful one. My knowledge of music makes me a useful part of  Delta Disc Jockeys.


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